Founded in 1974,
Intermetals Corporation began with a singular philosophy


Peace Through Commerce

Our expertise in moving commodities around the world and our extensive technical knowledge of the products we trade, enables Intermetals to bridge the gap between our customers and suppliers. 

Peace Through Commerce, is our Mission: 

We accomplish this by connecting people, countries and cultures all over the world, by maintaining the highest principles and conducting business with integrity and transparency.


What We Do

Intermetals Corporation is engaged in the trading, distribution and financing of steel and the raw materials for the steel industry.

We provide trading, logistics and risk mitigation solutions, working capital and financing as well as advisory services to our suppliers and customers worldwide.

Products & Services


Steel Trading & Distribution

We supply the following steel products to our customers worldwide, including:

Flat Rolled products including, Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Galvanized, Pre-Painted, Sheet,  Coil & Plate. 

Long products including, Rebar, Wire Rod and Beams. 

Pipe & Tubular products, predominantly for the oil and gas industry as well as water transmission

Semi-finished products including, Slabs, Billets & Blooms

Raw Materials

We supply steel making raw materials to steel mills worldwide, such commodities include, ferroalloys, iron ore, pig iron, HBI, DRI, metallurgical coal and coking coal.


Intermetals has a logistics network that spans the globe. Working primarily with full vessel quantities, our logistics team can manage the transportation from purchase through delivery to our customers.

Price Risk Management

The prices of steel and the commodities used in the production of steel, are volatile, as are the foreign exchange rates in many of the countries in which we work. Intermetals has the tools necessary to help our customers and suppliers mitigate risk and reduce volatility.


Global Presence

New York, U.S.A (Head Office)

Mexico City, Mexico

Sao Paulo, Brazil

London, U.K.

Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Dubai, U.A.E

New Delhi, India

Beijing, China

Seoul, South Korea

Contact Us


136 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10016

+1 (646) 968-9737